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Implant retained dentures will keep your smile securely in place

Say goodbye to embarrassing and painful dentures that constantly move inside the mouth. Dentures replace the normal appearance and healthy function of a smile after tooth loss. However, the removable feature of dentures can result in more problems associated with long-term use, or loose denture problems. This is where implant retained dentures come to the rescue.

The artificial teeth are designed to fit comfortably inside the mouth, custom-made according to the patient’s mouth measurements – but they lie on top of the gums where they can easily be removed whenever necessary. While being easily removed can be convenient at first, this characteristic becomes a problem when the removable dentures become loose.

Implant retained dentures stay firmly in place

Dental implants can be used to support dentures so that they will stay in place. The implants are inserted into the jawbone to serve as support posts, to which the teeth replacements such as a fixed dental bridge can be attached.

The dental bridge or implant supported dentures will then be held firmly held in place, attached to the jawbone through the implants. No more problems with loose dentures that cause pain and embarrassment, with the help of implant retained dentures!

Why do dentures become loose?

Dentures are created to fit snugly inside the mouth, on top of the gums. With long-term use, the dentures will eventually become loose as the jawbone under the gums undergoes bone deterioration because of the absence of natural tooth roots (which in turn have been removed along with the lost teeth). The once-tight fit of dentures will steadily become looser, resulting to embarrassing and painful loose dentures movement inside the mouth.

Problems associated with loose dentures

Pain and discomfort – Dentures that move uncontrollably can rub against the soft inner mouthparts, causing painful sores or mouth ulcers to develop. The dentures can also pinch parts of the tongue or the inner cheek with every uncontrolled movement.

Speech difficulties – Speaking with a moving set of dentures is very difficult to do. It will be challenging to carry on a conversation when the artificial teeth do not want to stay in place, and pronunciation of words will be hard to manage as well.

Challenging mealtimes – Chewing on food can be painful and difficult to manage when the dentures keep moving inside the mouth. This is the reason why those with loose denture problems may often dread mealtimes – because the once-enjoyable act of eating becomes an uncomfortable chore to get through.

Embarrassment – It is extremely embarrassing to have artificial teeth that can jump out of the mouth with the slightest movement! Embarrassing loose dentures can unexpectedly drop out of its place while speaking, eating, laughing, or even when simply opening the mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are implant retained dentures?

Implant retained dentures are the artificial teeth that are supported by dental implants, so they do not move uncontrollably on their own. Dentures or a dental bridge supported by implants are held firmly in place, attached to the jawbone.

Why is it necessary to use dental implants for support?

It is important to use dental implants so the dentures or dental bridge will stay firmly in place. Without the support of implants, the artificial teeth will eventually develop loose denture problems.

Loose denture problems include pain & discomfort, as well as embarrassment, that result from the uncontrolled denture movement.

How do loose dentures cause pain?

Loose dentures constantly move inside the mouth. With each uncontrolled movement, the hard plastic and metal parts of the dentures rub painfully against the soft parts of the inner mouth. The repeated friction can cause mouth ulcers or sores to develop.

The tongue and inner cheeks can also be pinched when the dentures slip off and are quickly put back in place.

How long is the procedure for implant retained dentures?

For suitable cases, the implant supported dentures treatment can be finished within 1 day.

This one-day treatment includes the insertion of the dental implants into the jawbone and the attachment of the artificial teeth to the implants.

Is it really possible to have dental implants in just one day?

Definitely. It is possible! The All on 4 or Same Day Smile implants technique restores healthy appearance and function of the teeth in just a day’s worth of treatment time.

How will my smile look like after the implant treatment?

You will have a natural-looking, much healthier smile after your artificial teeth are retained by dental implants. Your confidence will soar knowing that you have a beautiful smile that will stay in place!

Can I eat normally after the dental implants are inserted into my jaw?

Definitely! And you will find it easier to chew and bite on your food with the help of implant retained dentures. Mealtimes will become much more enjoyable for you.

Should have done this review months ago when my treatment was finished.

I just want to say a big thank you to Pro Dental. My treatment was smooth, appointments adjustable and the end results amazing. I had braces and my teeth look soo good, I get a lot of compliments.

When I first came across Pro Dental I thought I only will need braces but they advice in on another treatment as well as braces that will give me the look I’m going for. Ending up paying more but so worth it. It weren’t a pushy/hard sale rather advice with great resources and information to make you understand and decide.

I would honestly recommend anyone to Pro Dental (already have told a few), the staff members are lovely and welcoming. Amazing team.

Aisha Adio

My experience at Prodental was so great, they were friendly, professional and made the entire process easy and comfortable. I am very pleased with the result of my orthodontic treatment with doctor Deborah. I would highly recommend it! Many thanks!!

Cristina Macias Cordero

Had a very pleasant experience, very good flexible appointment days/hours, the treatment was done very professionally and with a great result at the end of it all. I'm very happy with the results.

Otello Simpson

Fantastic experience from start to finish. I'd been considering Invisalign for a while (too long!) and I honestly couldn't have picked a better place than Pro Dental. The service is great, it's easy to book appointments (managing in work hours) and I'm so pleased with my result.

Cherie Waller

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