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Anti-wrinkle treatment on Harley Street

If you’re looking for anti-wrinkle injections in central London, Pro Dental has the answer. Our experienced facial aesthetics team is highly experienced at carrying out wrinkle reduction treatments.

Injected into key areas of the face, our anti-wrinkle injections work by freezing the underlying muscle, which has the effect of smoothing out those deep expression lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes.

Completely safe and backed by decades of scientific research, we use a registered trademark of Allergan for our anti-wrinkle injections – a temporary treatment that will last for up to six months. With repeated treatments, you’ll not only smooth out the areas that currently bother you, but you’ll mitigate against the formation of future lines and wrinkles too.

Juvéderm® fillers in central London

Dermal fillers work differently to anti-wrinkle injections by filling out lost volume, as opposed to smoothing out lines created by underlying facial muscles. At Pro Dental, we offer Allergan’s renowned Juvéderm temporary fillers.

As we age, our skin naturally loses its plump appearance as collagen production starts to decline. Dermal fillers restore that lost volume, giving the complexion a renewed, youthful vitality.

If you’re looking for dermal fillers in central London, the Pro Dental team has the skill to create the subtle changes that make a huge difference – gently plumping the lips and cheeks, filling out the deep lines between the nose and mouth, and also sculpting cheekbones, the nose and the chin.

PRGF®: get the ‘vampire facial’ in London W1

Known as the vampire facial, PRGF® stands Plasma Rich in Growth Factor. It is a seriously high-tech injectable treatment that uses the plasma from your own blood to stimulate collagen production!

A favourite with Hollywood stars, the “vampire facial” has actually been used in medical circles for many years and certainly doesn’t fall into the category of celebrity fad. PRP has serious scientific backing and has long been used by dentists for bone grafting procedures prior to carrying out dental implants.

In its beauty context, PRGF® can be injected into the desired site to smooth away lines and wrinkles; it can also reduce the appearance of scars.

Frequently Asked Questions

How doe the anti-wrinkle injections work?

We place the anti-wrinkle treatment in targeted areas to block the signal from the nerve to the nerve endings – effectively ‘fereezing’ the underlying muscle. So when you laugh or frown, your skin looks and feels smoother.

Do fillers or anti-wrinkle injections have side effects?

The whole process is incredibly quick and requires almost no downtime for recovery. You will be able to return to your normal activities the same day but avoid strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours. Do not massage the treated areas as this may result in drooping which then takes another few weeks to resolve. There may be minor pain or swelling at the injection site and on rare occasions, headaches which will resolve in 24-48 hours. It is best to avoid alcohol starting at least one week before the procedure. You should also stop taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications two weeks before treatment to reduce bruising.

Are dermal fillers right for me?

If you are bothered by those early signs of ageing – sunken cheeks, pronounced lines between the nose and corners of the mouth, hollow eyes or deep lines and wrinkles – dermal fillers could be the ideal solution for creating a youthful, rejuvenating complexion boost. At Pro Dental, our experienced dentists use their aesthetic judgement and skill to create subtle, natural-looking results.

How does the vampire facial treatment work?

Blood is first drawn from the arm, and then rapidly spun in a centrifuge, separating the sample into individual components – plasma, PRGF and the cellular layer containing red and white blood cells. We harvest the PRGF and reinject it into the face, in the same way you might administer botulinum toxin or dermal fillers.

Does the vampire facial have side effects?

No – over half a million patients have been treated with PRGF® and no adverse outcome has been observed in any one of these patients.

Should have done this review months ago when my treatment was finished.

I just want to say a big thank you to Pro Dental. My treatment was smooth, appointments adjustable and the end results amazing. I had braces and my teeth look soo good, I get a lot of compliments.

When I first came across Pro Dental I thought I only will need braces but they advice in on another treatment as well as braces that will give me the look I’m going for. Ending up paying more but so worth it. It weren’t a pushy/hard sale rather advice with great resources and information to make you understand and decide.

I would honestly recommend anyone to Pro Dental (already have told a few), the staff members are lovely and welcoming. Amazing team.

Aisha Adio

My experience at Prodental was so great, they were friendly, professional and made the entire process easy and comfortable. I am very pleased with the result of my orthodontic treatment with doctor Deborah. I would highly recommend it! Many thanks!!

Cristina Macias Cordero

Had a very pleasant experience, very good flexible appointment days/hours, the treatment was done very professionally and with a great result at the end of it all. I'm very happy with the results.

Otello Simpson

Fantastic experience from start to finish. I'd been considering Invisalign for a while (too long!) and I honestly couldn't have picked a better place than Pro Dental. The service is great, it's easy to book appointments (managing in work hours) and I'm so pleased with my result.

Cherie Waller

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